Prototyping for Change: Improving Passenger Safety with nuway LLC

Positively impacting lives with prototypes

Every member of the Empire Group takes pride in each project that enters the shop. From the first day on the job through the delivery of the finalized product, each step is handled with care. This rings true for all products, and especially those with a mission to improve the overall quality of life of its consumers.

When nuway LLC CEO Ayan Bhandari approached us about working on their prototype as a solution for motorcycle taxi passenger safety, we were immediately on board. The objective of the nuway LLC product known as the “Nyweza” is to decrease the risk of boda boda (motorcycle taxi) passengers experiencing life threatening injuries due to accidents that account for 41% of all trauma cases in Uganda.

The idea was created by Lydia Asiimwe, Ugandan Health Innovator. Lydia had experienced the dangers of traveling on boda bodas while seated in the female style, known as “side saddle.” Her concern about safely traveling with luggage while in this seated position and decreasing the high amount of yearly accidents led her to connect with resources and create a team to provide a solution for this concern:

Creating with purpose

Empire Group hit the ground running, full of motivation to assist nuway LLC solve this all too frequent safety concern with a stellar prototype. Our team of professionals worked with the client to ensure that their requests of a well-designed, completely affordable prototype that was crafted with care turned into a reality. These requests were particularly important to ensure the device would be attainable in low income countries – our team accepted the challenge and produced a functional, affordable prototype under strict deadlines.


Ayan came to us with a well-formed idea and CAD data to create a truly unique solution to the problem they have with transportation safety. We took this drawing and executed a working test sample to show the idea to the Ugandan people. Not only did Empire Group build this sample, we also helped debug the mechanism for optimum performance. 

Our client was pleased with the results, and shared photographs of the final prototype being introduced to consumers:

Empire quickly and effectively took us from a digital model to a realized prototype. The technique and care to every detail on the product helped us gain confidence in our partners and potential investors, but more importantly our users. Since we primarily work in low income countries, it was extremely important to provide something that was well designed, crafted with care, and is completely affordable. Empire’s care for their craft and ability to work under very tight deadlines gave us a prototype that delivered to these needs.”

-Ayan Bhandari, CEO nuway LLC

The Nyweza device has received industry recognition, receiving the 2015 CAMTech Innovation Award, the 2015 MIT Hacking Medicine, Global Health Track and the 2016 AB InBev Global Road Safety Prize. In addition, nuway LLC began their pilot study with the device in Uganda this past fall. We are glad to have been a part of such an amazing, purposeful device that can truly change lives. Empire Group is excited to see the positive impact the Nyweza safety device will have in the years to come.

To learn more about the Nyweza device, visit nuway LLC at