Say Hello to Our Little Friend: Mark Two 3D Printer

Introducing the Mark Two – our new total package 3D printer with strength, beauty and brains.


Empire Group has added MarkForged’s Mark Two 3D printer to its fleet of machines. The printer will allow the company to print with Onyx and Nylon, and the strength of Carbon Fiber, Kevlar or Fiberglass. Not only that, this upgraded printer can reinforce details 15 times smaller than before, at a 40 percent faster fiber printing process.

Machine Features:

  • High-strength printing

  • Range of materials

  • Easy-to-use

  • Touchscreen interface

  • Eiger Software


This sleek, industrial strength printer comes with Eiger – a highly-sophisticated, cloud-based software suite  – and an impressive touchscreen interface. Developed by MarkForged to assist the machine in successfully embedding strong materials, the Eiger software allows us to import CAD and slice for high strength printing. These features allow the machine to produce finely detailed nylon objects, in greater portions of geometry, at a higher speed to create prototypes with strength properties that nearly match final production versions.

Super strength, beautiful design, intelligent software and lower lead times? Talk about a total package. Check out some more specs on this machine provided by MarkForged:

PRODUCT                                         Mark Two

BUILD VOLUME                               320 mm x 132 mm x 154 mm

PLASTIC MATERIALS                      Onyx


FIBER MATERIALS                           Carbon Fiber


                                                            HSHT Fiberglass


Z LAYER RESOLUTION                    100 micron

INCLUDED WITH PRINTER             Mark Two printer with access to cloud Eiger software

                                                            800cc Onyx spool

                                                            800cc Nylon spool

                                                            100cc Carbon Fiber

                                                            100cc Fiberglass

                                                            100cc HSHT Fiberglass

                                                            100cc Kevlar