The Famous Empire Monocycle

It’s a Monocycle!

Like so many ideas, the Monocycle was born of necessity. Unable to display client projects due to confidentiality constraints, the Empire Group needed a way to communicate the full scope of their design and prototyping capabilities at tradeshows and client meetings.

Another brainchild from the creative minds at Empire Group.

Another brainchild from the creative minds at Empire Group.

the empire team did what they do best

They developed a new product concept to showcase their talents. Empire Group has a serious racing heritage, so it was natural to gravitate to a vehicle as the chosen design. The team wanted to convey their passion for speed and mobility.

The Monocycle was a true “blank sheet” design project that flowed from ideation, to industrial design, and engineering, then on to the prototype shop in just under a month.  Concurrently, the graphic design team completed the packaging concept, and the entire display was ready for the biggest tradeshow of the year with time to spare.


    Phase 1: A sketch book the shows the brainstorming and evolution of the design concept through    detail engineering.

    Phase 2: An exploded display of the unfinished prototype demonstrating how individual     components of the Monocycle are fabricated using 3D Printing and CNC machining.

    Phase 3: Features the final completed prototype model – fully painted with embedded functional     electronics.

    Phase 4: Shows the Monocycle as it would sit on the shelf in a retail store – packaged up and     ready to sell.

All aspects of the Monocycle project process showcase the Empire Group’s talent – speedy and quality production under tight time constraints, product development, industrial design, engineering, 3D printing, CNC machining, custom painting, and graphic design for packaging.

No matter how simple or complicated the ideas are – the Empire Group will find a way to bring them to life. It’s what we love to do.