4 Reasons Your Product Needs Graphic Design to Thrive

The product development world is an exciting place where new ideas are created and prototyped daily. With so much activity and volume, how do you get noticed? Sure, having an excellent concept paired with intelligent design and an A+ product is a given - but how do you leverage with consumers to go with your products over an equally innovative competitor?

Our advice: track down a talented, forward thinking, ingenious graphic design resource. Having a creative genius in your corner can drive the success of your new products. In an article that examines notable industries that have a higher percentage of graphic designers since 2012, manufacturing industries ranked number one. This could be attributed to the fact that manufacture-ready products require spectacular graphic design to set their products apart from the rest and succeed once in the market. Here we examine the top four reasons your products need killer graphic design to flourish:

Design Demands Attention

Aesthetically pleasing designs and product packaging draw attention, and are directly linked to subconscious influence of buying habits. In fact, 90% of purchases are made subconsciously based on the emotions a product's appearance or branding makes the consumer feel. This speaks volume on the impact that appealing graphics can have in the market.

Product Shelves in Store
Empire Group Package Design

Brand Recognition

Effective branding that fuels a memorable identity helps drive a product's success. While many purchases are made subconsciously, others are driven by consistent, recognizable, trustworthy brands that consumers feel more at ease with purchasing. This requires due diligence and strategy to connect the visual branding with the identity of the company and the product being sold.

Set Apart from Competitors

Launching new products can be difficult in a competitive landscape. Assuming a competitor's performance, price point, and features are of the same caliber - graphic design is left to differentiate from other products. Think about the number of times you may have purchased a product based on the appearance of the packaging compared to other items on the shelf.

Empire Group Package Design
Graphic Design Communicates Value

Communicate Value

Designers clearly and concisely communicate your product's value visually. With consistent and distinguished design tactics, your products don't get lost in the crowd. This is important when stress and decision overload attribute to a reported combined 35% of causes of lost attention span. Good design cuts straight to the point of your value in a noisy product environment.

At the end of the day, graphic design resources provide professional insight and assistance in the overall acceptance of your products. They act as an extension of your team to attract market attention, increase your brand positioning, overcome competitors, and foster the understanding of your product's value.

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