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Product Design, Engineering, and Development Solutions

Thoughtfully designed products, expertly engineered for production.

Our Industrial Designers and Engineers work hand-in-hand to help you transform new product concepts into production-ready CAD data for prototypes and manufacturing. This interdisciplinary approach allows us to provide you with excellent solutions to almost any product development challenge.

Need an external perspective and expertise on your new product idea or design?

Product Design

At Empire Group, we approach the first stages of new product development by combining visual art, physical and behavioral science, and technology to help translate your ideas into fully refined design solutions. The result is an improved product that is optimized for aesthetics, functionality, and marketability.

Discovery Phase

Discovery Phase:

  • Market Research & Competitive Analysis

  • Human Factor & Ergonomics Studies

  • Color Studies

  • Idea Generation

  • Patent Assessment and Application

Design Phase

Design Phase:

  • Concept Sketches

  • Form Development

  • 3D CAD Models

  • 2D & 3D Digital Renderings

  • Animations,

  • Patent Drawings


With unique knowledge and expertise in product manufacturing, tooling, material, and production processes, our design engineers can provide quality input and invaluable engineering solutions ─ even to your most vexing product development challenges. We are focused on providing you with production-ready CAD data that is optimized for cost, functionality, and manufacturability while meeting compliance needs and certifications.

Design Phase:

  • Design Optimizations
    (DFM, DFAM, DFP)

  • Materials Selection

  • Control Drawings

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering,

  • Electronics

  • Mechanism & Gear Train

Design Phase

Development Phase:

  • Production-Ready CAD Data

  • Breadboard Models,

  • Proof of Concept Models

  • Preliminary Prototypes and Testing


Our Process:

Collaborative Exploration – We work collaboratively with you to gain a clear understanding of your product and its intent, identify and define your challenges, and document your needs.

Research & Design - Through research and discovery, we define key product details and translate these variables into a range of product design concepts that are both feasible and marketable.

Engineer & Refine – Once the design is confirmed, we can assist with the technical details of your product. This includes optimizing your product for manufacturability, functionality, and cost.

Data Delivery – Upon final sign-off, we provide a high-quality production package that includes photorealistic images, 3D renderings, and production-ready CAD data.