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Production-quality parts and prototypes without the cost of hard tooling.

Room temperature vulcanization (RTV) molding, also known as resin casting, RTV tooling, or silicon molding, is an affordable solution for low volume prototypes. RTV can also be used for short production runs when costly hard tooling is not a viable option. Empire Group has perfected our mold and casting techniques over time, creating a unique process for manufacturing final components. We use a level of quality and consistency that can rival injection molding, and best it in cost and speed for small batch production.

With our ability to craft complex technical molds, the diversity of our materials, and the versatility of our pressure casting process, we can achieve parts with complex geometries, intricate details, tight tolerances (0.003 - 0.01 standard) and an array of mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties.

We also stock a full spectrum of high-performance rigid and flexible urethanes (Shore A-D), water clear urethanes, medical-grade silicones, food and drug grade epoxies, white metal, and expandable foam casting materials to meet the specific needs of any project.

Our Casting Process:

3D Printed Master Pattern

Master Patterns

Our casting process begins with the creation of a hand sculpted, 3D printed, or CNC machined master pattern. This pattern is then expertly finished for final cast parts that are high quality, precise, and consistent.


RTV Molds

This master model is then surrounded by room-temperature vulcanized (RTV) rubber, or epoxy, which is allowed to set. Once set, the master model is removed, forming the cavity of the mold, also known as RTV tooling or soft tooling.


Resin Casting

The pressure casting process is carried out using a formulation of liquid urethane, silicone rubber, epoxy, expandable foam, or white metal. This formulation is then poured or injected into the cavity of the mold to cast and create the final parts.



Once the part is cast, it is removed from the mold, cleaned, and handed off to our model shop team for post-production finishing and assembly if desired.



Shore D Urethanes
Elastomeric Shore A Urethanes
Medical-grade Silicones
Medical-grade Urethanes
Water Clear Urethanes
Food & Drug Grade (FDG) Epoxies Expandable Foam
White Metal


  • Intricate Master Patterns & Molds

  • Complex Overmolding in Multiple Durometers

  • Intricate Shut-offs

  • Custom Pin & Insert Fabrication

  • Threaded Inserts

  • Pressure Casting

  • White Metal Casting

  • Glass and Fiber Filled Casting

  • Color Casting

  • Precise Pantone & Custom Color Matching

  • Post-production Finishing, and Assembly Services