Laviro Manual Washer

Empire Group takes Lavario manual washer from concept to mass production.

Lavario approached us with a great idea for a manual clothes washing device and needed some help in its development. Using our design process, we were able to push their idea from an aspirational concept to a marketable and manufacturable consumer product. Through research, testing, concept sketching, and iterative prototyping we analyzed “touch-point” and “use-case” to provide a fantastic product experience.


Lavario is the intelligently designed, hand powered clothes washing machine. Minimizing the use of water and using no electricity, Lavario is environmentally friendly. Lavario is ultra-light and needs only minimal arm strength to operate. It cleans better than big electric machines utilizing patented "power flow" technology.   

This technology drives water through the fibers of your clothes. In addition, you'll never need to immerse your hands in hot water, detergent, or bleach, and you can wash delicates as gentle as you’d like. Lavario saves time and money and pays for itself in 4-5 trips not taken to the laundromat. 

Iconography developed by Empire Group Graphics Team

Iconography developed by Empire Group Graphics Team

Lavario is engineered for performance. Unlike electric machines which use agitators and tumbling to clean, Lavario relies on it's power flow technology for a deeper and gentler clean. The perforations in the basket direct and drive water through the clothes as it is plunged up and down in the bucket. From tough stains to delicates, Lavario provides better results while also being eco-friendly and economic.

Technical Drawings Done in House By Empire Group Graphics Team

Technical Drawings Done in House By Empire Group Graphics Team

Concept Development & Sketching

Prototype Fabrication

Lavario Final Prototype

Build size is one of the many advantages of Empire's prototype process. Even though desktop 3D printers have grown in popularity, they have significant size limitations. Our state-of-the-art 3D printing lab allows us print and develop products without size restrictions. Some of our larger printers, such as the iPro 800 SLA, can handle sizes up to 25"W x 29"H x 21"D while maintaining outstanding edge definition. Large parts, like the Lavario, can be grow in multiple parts and seamlessly joined together. As with any product, having a test model helps reveal any areas that may need reconsideration before heading to the expensive manufacturing process.


Production ready control drawings were created from the finalized CAD model in Solidworks. These were then sent to the factory to create steel tooling so that parts could start to be molded. The images above are the first run molded parts and tooling.

Branding & Packaging


This product is now available to consumers.