Meet our Intern Hailey!

This year we are very excited to welcome Hailey to our Attleboro office to work with our Graphics and Marketing teams. Hailey is currently studying at Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School (the alma mater of Jason Enos, Empire Group’s owner). While she is here, she will be learning about the work place, developing new skills and knowledge, expanding horizons, and building the bridges between design & development.


Fast Facts about Hailey

  • Where she is from: Rehoboth, MA

  • What she’s studying: Graphic Design

  • Interests: Ice Skating, Reading, Hanging out with friends

What motivated you to pursue a Co-Op?

What motivated me to enter the co-op program was that I recognized the value of gaining real-life work experiences while in school. The amount of personal development, networks and connections made, and the opportunity to explore different career paths in my opinion is invaluable. When I started studying graphic design, I was eager to apply my learning to a professional work setting and develop my skill set. In my short time here I have already had the privilege of working on a few different projects and I could not be more grateful.

What do you hope to gain from this experience?

I hope to learn new skills and add to my Graphics Design knowledge base while gaining more confidence in my communication and teamwork skills. This Co-Op is a great opportunity to explore all the different career possibilities while trying out various positions, developing my skills, and establishing a network for myself for when I graduate. I feel very fortunate that I get to gain industry knowledge from Empire Group and their team of professionals.


What are 3 things people might be surprised to know about you?

Three things that might surprise people about me include:

1.    I figure skate.

2.    I can play the violin.

3.    I’m in both honor societies.