About Us

Empire Group is a leading design, engineering, and prototype company aiding corporations in bringing their high-quality brands and products to life. With a true turnkey product development approach, we help clients streamline their development cycle. Integrity, ingenuity & a commitment to exceeding expectations of quality have been the cornerstone of our success.

Empire Group offers both end-to-end, and à la carte suites of solutions – including full product development, industrial design, engineering, graphic design, 3D printing, CNC machining, and more. Our team acts as an invisible extension of our clients’ development team to help meet and exceed their vision with passion and knowledge.

We are comprised of artists, master model makers, engineers, industrial designers, skilled machinists, project managers and experienced leadership. All members of the Empire Group are not only committed to delivering top-of-the-line products and services, but also meaningful experiences for all clients.

Our Story

Empire Group was born in ’99, but the story started years earlier...

Empire Group was born in 1999 after Jason Enos, President & Founder, found the perfect niche for his skills in the model making world. Growing up in a family of business owners in the auto body restoration and custom cabinet making industries, Jason developed a passion for making things and taking them apart. This would lead him to meet his mentor, who would introduce him to an amazing opportunity with Hasbro’s model shop. After four years of hard work and conversations with his mentor on the development of rapid prototyping, Jason opened his own model shop.

The Empire Group name originated from Jason’s expertise at building Star Wars products. Starting in a 24 x 18’ space in the paint shop of his uncle’s auto body shop – the Empire Group was strong and unstoppable much like its Galactic influence. The business catapulted with an average annual growth over fifty percent for the next few years, being the first local company to embrace new technologies and 3D printers.

Since moving to its current home in Attleboro in 2005, the Empire Group has seen a constant expansion of knowledgeable and talented staff, with experience in a range of services. The company has a down to Earth, get-it-done culture. An endless stream of intriguing projects draws talented engineers, designers, and craftspeople from around the region.