"I'm very excited about the work that you’re doing.  I'm also very impressed with Empire's growing abilities. It's great to have you guys on the Bose Team."




"The demo was a big hit at our event last week.  One of our co-workers mentioned he was afraid that it looked so "product-like" that some people may mistake it as an actual product and not just a demo model.  His fear was realized as one attendee asked us how the product uptake had been since it launched. Again, thanks for the great work helping bring things to life!"




"Nice job on the model. The paint job looks amazing. Bordering on perfect - Thanks!"




"I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for a great effort on that last project. The client received the parts yesterday and was very satisfied with the result. It makes me feel better as a designer to know that you guys are always there to deliver on some intense deadlines without sacrificing intent."




“Empire quickly and effectively took us from a digital model to a realized prototype. The technique and care to every detail on the product helped us gain confidence in our partners and potential investors, but more importantly our users. Since we primarily work in low income countries, it was extremely important to provide something that was well designed, crafted with care, and is completely affordable. Empire’s care for their craft and ability to work under very tight deadlines gave us a prototype that delivered to these needs.”

-nuway LLC