CLIENT: Princess House


With a long line of cookware development under our belts, Princess house entrusted our design team to create their latest line of premium performance cookware. From start to finish, we were able to put this new product line through our whole design process. Beginning with research & inspiration, moving through iterative sketching & exploration, refining into wholistic a concept direction, and finalizing the design and engineering through CAD development, 3D printing, and testing. Once the last round of tweaks and finishing touches were put on, we packaged the CAD and control drawings on to their manufacturers for production.

What Is vida Sana?

Vida Sana is Princess House's premium performance line of cookware that gives you to the choice to cook healthy meals your way. While Vida Sana can be used like most traditional pots and pans, what sets it apart are its designed features. The 5-ply construction heats quickly and evenly to allow for searing and cooking proteins without added oils or fats. The combination of the Steam-Seal Lid & Nutri-Seal Valve traps in nutrients and natural juices so that your food retains bold flavor along with the nutritional benefit. The hollow cast, welded handles look beautiful, stay cool to the touch, and allow for a smooth, easy-to-clean finish on the inside walls of the cookware. Laser etched capacity indications and Nutri-Seal Valve icons show off the level of  detail put into the final design. Vida Sana leaves nothing on the table, providing you with elegant, performance cookware that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.


Displayed above are renderings our design team generated as marketing tools for Vida Sana. These technical renderings highlight some of the designed features we created during the development process.

Concept Development Image 1.jpg
Concept Development Image 2.jpg

Our early design phases almost always start with hand sketching. The looseness and speed allows for a wealth of ideas to be explored in a relatively short time. These sketch concepts are massaged, refined, mixed & matched, and cleaned up to develop a series of concept directions. We then go through a down-selection process for further refinement and more defined exploration.


With a "final" concept direction, we began the refinement process. Here the design is further realized by bringing it into 3D CAD. We can make sure the sizes, feel, and look are true to life and adhere to any manufacturing details and constraints. We also begin 3D printing and prototyping bodies, handles, lids, and valves so that we actually feel and hold the objects we're designing digitally. These rapid & iterative 3D prototypes are one of the greatest strengths and assets to Empire Group's design process.


Control Drawings are generated from the 3D CAD and are provided to the manufacturers. This gives them all they need to go through to production, and creates a master "blueprint" of the final design.

Photography by: Gary Sloan