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Prototype Design, Development and Custom Finishing

Superior quality prototypes, custom finished, and quickly delivered.

With our cutting-edge prototyping technologies and team of master model makers, we are able to produce rapid product prototypes, parts, and models with the highest accuracy and superior custom finishing. Choose from a wide range of material and finishing options, or allow our expert team of designers, engineers, and product developers to recommend the best approach for your project.

With our hands-on approach, cutting-edge technology & extraordinary craftsmanship, we guarantee quality & satisfaction 100%.


Empire Group makes it possible for you to move your products through the design and debug phases of product development with confidence, flexibility, and freedom. Our prototyping services allow you to test, analyze, and refine your product design to perfection before moving to production. Whether you are working with extremely tight timelines or taking the time to explore and iterate new product concepts, our team will ensure you are 100% satisfied.

  • Hand-Crafted Models

  • CNC Machining

  • 3D Printing (SLA, MJF, FDM, DLP, PolyJet)

  • Mold & Casting

  • Thermoforming

  • Metal Fabrication

  • Mechanical & Electrical Mechanisms

Custom Finishing

We take your prototypes to the next level with our in-house custom finishing and post-finish assembly services. Our large finishing department is staffed with highly talented model-makers and craftsmen who take pride in every project and prototype they touch. Our team’s knowledge of the nuances of each and every material is second to none and results in finished parts and prototypes that are identical in appearance to that of the final product.

  • Sanding & Polishing

  • Media Blasting

  • Hand Painting,

  • Spray Painting

  • Pantone® Accurate Color Formulation

  • Texturing

  • Chroming

  • Hydro Dipping

  • Laser Cutting & Graphic Application

  • Assembly & Repair

The demo was a big hit at our event last week. One of our co-workers mentioned he was afraid that it looked so “product-like” that some people may mistake it as an actual product and not just a demo model. His fear was realized as one attendee asked us how the product uptake had been since it launched. Again, thanks for the great work helping bring things to life!
— Cambridge Consultants


Low-Fi Prototype

Design & Modeling – 3D renderings and basic, low-fidelity models for evaluating scale and form.

Proof of Concept Models

Proof of Concept - Basic, low-fidelity models used to demonstrate functionality and validate product concept.

Appearance Models & Prototypes

Appearance (Looks-Like) – Comprehensive, high-fidelity appearance prototype used to visualize the final appearance of a product.

Functional Prototype

Functionality (Works-Like) - Comprehensive, high-fidelity functional prototype used to test form, fit, and utility of a product.

Pre-production Prototypes

Pre-Production (Looks/Works-Like)- Comprehensive, high-fidelity prototype that is virtually identical in appearance and functionality to the final product.