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Custom thermoformed plastic components for prototyping, packaging, and pre-production runs.

Empire Group specializes in vacuum forming thermoplastics for use as a part or component of a larger product, or the outer protective and aesthetic covering for a product’s packaging.

There are several stages of thermoforming. The typical thermoforming process goes through design, prototyping, tooling, and finally, production. Empire Group is uniquely positioned to assist you through each of these stages.

Blister Packaging CAD

Design & Engineering

Our in-house industrial design and engineering team can provide the best possible design solutions and CAD data for your particular application.

Thermoform Molding Services

Tooling Development

Our in-house tooling methods include CNC Machining, 3D Printing, and hand-carving. We select the best tooling method & material based on size and complexity of the project.

Post-process Thermoformed Part


We offer many secondary operations in-house, including spray or hand painting, EMI/RFI shielding, the installation of inserts, fasteners, hinges, handles, and other hardware.

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Clamshell Packaging - Thermoformed

Typical Thermoforming Applications include:

  • Bins, Trays, Containers, Bases, & Enclosures

  • Electronics Housings

  • Medical Packaging

  • Retail Clamshell Packaging

  • Packaging Blisters

  • Pop Displays, Stands, & Supports

  • Packaging Inserts


  • ABS

  • PETG

  • Poly Styrene

    • High Impact Styrene

    • High Density Styrene

  • PVDF

  • PVC

  • Poly Carbonates

  • Acrylics