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Enhanced Surface Finish and Aesthetic Excellence for Parts, Models, Rapid Prototypes, and More.

At Empire Group, our post-processing options and custom finishing capabilities make all the difference for our customers, and 3,000 sq. ft. of our facility are dedicated to this service.

Understanding the nuances of each and every material used in our shop is critical to our prototype fabrication and additive manufacturing methods, and is key to achieving our superior quality post-processing and finishing. We offer a wide array of painting options and specialty surface treatments to achieve virtually any appearance or effect.

Empire Group Model Shop  -  Attleboro, MA Facility

Empire Group Model Shop - Attleboro, MA Facility

To provide best-in-class finishing services and final products, we expertly select and advise our customers on the ideal surface treatments and finishing techniques to achieve their desired results. Once the project components are manufactured (CNC machined, 3D printed, cast, or hand-crafted) we inspect and perfect each part to ensure design specifications are met. Components are then passed to our model shop where they are enhanced for surface finish, geometric accuracy, aesthetics, and more based on your request and specification.

Post Processing of SLA

From simple 3D printed parts that need sanding to extremely complex prototypes in need of technical coatings and precise Pantone color matching, we have the expertise to deliver a quality product. Consistently.

One of our co-workers mentioned he was afraid that (the prototype) looked so “product-like” that some people may mistake it as an actual product and not just a demo model. His fear was realized as one attendee asked us how the product uptake had been since it launched. Again, thanks for the great work helping bring things to life!”
— Cambridge Consultants


MJF Nylon PA12 Motorcycle Fender   Sanded, primed, spray painted, clear coated

MJF Nylon PA12 Motorcycle Fender
Sanded, primed, spray painted, clear coated

Post Processing CAPABILITIES

  • Support Removal
    (SLA, PolyJet, FDM)

  • Media Blasting

  • Sanding & Polishing

  • Gluing and Filling

  • Assembly

  • Priming

  • Texturing

  • Clear/Gloss Coating

  • Spray Enamels

  • Hydro Dipping

  • Chromatic Paint

  • High Temperature Paint

  • Spray RFI Shield Coating

  • Chrome Plating

  • Hand Painting

  • Spray Painting

  • Pantone Accurate Color Matching

  • Custom Color Creation

  • Laser Cutting & Etching

  • Lettering & Graphics Application

  • Metal Fabrication

  • Part/Model Repair

  • And much more…


in Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Juvenile & Toy, Medical Devices and Military & Defense.