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Turn ideas into fully refined product designs that are both feasible and marketable.

Industrial design, or product design, is the first step of the new product development process. At Empire Group, we approach this stage of product development through a critical lens to deliver product concepts that are optimized for aesthetics, functionality, and marketability.

By combining visual art, physical and behavioral science, and technology, we can help you translate your new product ideas into fully refined design solutions. Our industrial designers work collaboratively with our in-house team of design engineers and product developers to present you with fresh ideas. These ideas are informed by research, evidence, and validated through preliminary prototyping and design critique.

The Industrial Design Process:

Collaborative Product Development


We work collaboratively with you to gain a clear understanding of your product and its intent, identify and define your challenges, and document your needs.

Product Research


Through research and discovery, we define key product details and brainstorm practical, innovative solutions to achieve your desired features and results.

New Product Concepts

Product Design

Once we have defined the best possible solutions and feature combinations for your project, we translate these variables into a range of product design concepts. These concepts are not only feasible but marketable as well.

Industrial Design Review

Design Review

We bring together a multi-disciplinary team to review and critique the final designs and present you with fully refined concept sketches, 3D models, and digital renderings to your specifications.

Do You Have aN idea For A New product?

Get a free consultation with one of our product development experts to find out how you can bring your idea to life.

Get a free consultation with one of our product development experts to find out how you can bring your idea to life.

Industrial Design Services Include:

  • Market Research & Competitive Analysis

  • Human Factor & Ergonomics Studies

  • Color Studies

  • Idea Generation

  • Patent Assessment and Application

  • Concept Sketches

  • Form Development

  • 3D CAD Models

  • 2D & 3D Digital Renderings

  • Animations

  • Patent Drawings




One of the things I really love about the Empire Group is their multidisciplinary approach. They bring together industrial designers, graphic designers, engineers and many others to form a strong team that can take on a variety of needs, and ultimately create amazing work built on holistic design approaches.
— Kimberly Smith, Co-Founder & CEO, Learning Beautiful



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