LivCam Mobile App

Summer Infant contracted Empire's graphics team to help develop an APP for their LIVcam Baby Monitoring System. 

The goal was to achieve a fun, bright, yet simple and modern APP allowing baby to be monitored from a smart device.


Behind the scenes of most apps are complicated information architectures. The developer is tasked to translate how a device functions into how people think and communicate. Provided with a rough schematic detailing the flow of the APP from Summer Infant's programmers in China, Empire began constructing the APP's graphics and wire frame. In the end, hundreds of illustrative screens were used to delineate the APP's flow. This provided Summer Infant with a means to understand and review the APP's function and a clear way to communicate direction with the programmers. 


Using elements from the Summer Infant logo, and color choices consistent throughout the APP, we created a friendly, eye-catching APP badge.