Chamber View® Gun Plug

Chamber-View® (a company new to the firearms safety industry) teamed up with Empire to develop an innovative line of empty chamber indicators (ECI).

From the beginning, the client’s passion for shooter safety was an important element in Empire gaining empathy with the end user. Empire’s industrial designers and engineers worked together to ensuring that both fit and function would provide the highest level of performance with each ECI. Starting with the initial 12 gauge ECI, Empire was able to leverage gained knowledge and grow Chamber-View’s product line to over 7 uniquely designed products. Each individual product empowers firearm users to shoot safe, shoot smart, and shoot confidently.

Chamber View Product Design


Our approach to developing each product through numerous prototype tests help gain client confidence when moving from development towards final manufacturing. This iterative process allows Empire to develop products that present a high level of realism way before reaching market. 

Chamber View Concept Sketch
Prototype Development