Industrial design is the point where physical form meets human interaction. Our industrial design team creates product solutions that optimize function, appearance, usability, and physical ergonomics and  prepare clear, concise recommendations through concept drawings, sketches, and models.


Engineering is integral to all product design, turning form into function.  Empire Group does more than simply execute your projects; we add value through pertinent recommendations throughout the entire development process, while maintaining the initial design intent. We offer prototype and production CAD data while considering manufacturing requirements.


Professional graphic design can make a product be the next “can’t do without” product. Our goal is effective design communication; informing the customer of your products’ benefit over the competitors. Whether its branding, package development, surface patterns, or instruction booklets, our graphics team is ready for the task.




3D printing is the backbone of the company. The Empire Group has fully embraced 3D technology (as far back as 1999). Our 3D printing services help clients get their samples created in the fastest and most efficient means possible. With multiple in-house technologies, we can truly adapt to fulfill our clients’ requirements while meeting their budgets.



The Empire Group prototype department area is where all the parts are prepared for painting and surface treatment. Soon, these parts will come together for final assembly. Parts are sanded, properly inspected for any design/engineering issues, fitted with electronics if required, custom painted/hand-painted, and assembled for final inspection.


CNC Machining

The Empire Group provides precision CNC, short run, and conventional machining. ISO certified, we are a full service facility ready to complete extremely sophisticated jobs while meeting the most stringent tolerances.  CNC machining, turning, milling, and post operations help make us a one-stop-shop for part and prototype creation.


Mold & Casting

Our full service molding and casting department can handle the most complicated components, and will tackle the smallest to the largest projects. We specialize in two-part silicone molds and pressure cast rigid, clear, and flexible urethanes. We are also able to produce color and tinted castings matching supplied samples or specified colors. Our machining department is capable of making the most intricate shut-offs for specific casting projects.


Custom Painting

When it comes to custom painting and surface treatment, the Empire Group is at the top of the industry. There is no surface finish we cannot meet or exceed. Using the highest grade materials from local suppliers, we custom color match, chrome plate, and base spray all of our award quality prototypes.

metal Fabrication

Empire Group's expansive range of custom metal fabrication services can be defined as "diverse." Our dedicated team of accomplished craftsmen can execute precision custom metal fabrication in compliance with all applicable standards and requirements. Integrity, ingenuity, and a dedication to exceeding expectations of quality have been the cornerstone of our success.