CLIENT: Ahran Won

Project Scope:

As a 2017 Lexus Design Award Finalist, Ahran Won enlisted us at Empire Group to develop and prototype her visionary design capstone, "The Moving Capsule." While studying for her graduate degree of design at Harvard, she created the concept, defining its purpose, ideals, and aspirations. With a firm general concept as a starting point, we worked with her to bring it from rough sketch to reality. How do these components physically come together? How do they connect securely for travel? How does it unpack? How do the capsules interact and arrange and work together to provide more function and meaning? These are the questions we collaborated with Ahran to answer.  

What is "The Moving Capsule?"

Holistically captured in a simple package, "The Moving Capsule" is a transportable container that empowers minimalists, missionaries, and refugees with their fundamental human needs. The theory behind it is to live minimally, having all you need with nothing more. Including a sleeping mat, travel wheels & handle, 6 "essential" containers, and a variety of furniture arrangements, the package wastes no space while fulfilling all of an individuals needs.

MinimalCapsule_WebImages R01-00.jpg
MinimalCapsule_WebImages R02-02.jpg

Research & Inspiration:

MinimalCapsule_WebImages R01-02.jpg

To begin, we researched existing products and gathered reference imagery that pertained to modularity, componentry, fittings, furniture, and luggage. Starting with research and image gathering is pivotal to our design process. It inspires solutions that can be leveraged in the design execution.

Concept Design:

MinimalCapsule_WebImages R01-03.jpg

Working with Ahran's original size and layout, we developed 3 different concepts for how a "final capsule" could come together. Each concept accounted for the 6 essential capsules, a 6 foot long sleeping mat, luggage handle and wheel casters for transporting. After a few rounds of design and refinement, "the Burrito" concept was selected to move into final design CAD & prototype. 

MinimalCapsule_WebImages R01-04.jpg

Prototype & show:

MinimalCapsule_WebImages R01-05.jpg

The final prototype was made from various materials including plywood, MDF, webbing, vinyl, neoprene, leather, fabric, SLA 3D prints, soft-touch paint finish, sourced casters, and magnets. Ahran was able to attend the Lexus Design Show in Milan where she exhibited and presented her award winning design and prototype.