CLIENT: Princess House

Project Scope:

Princess House, a well-established brand in the housewares industry, had invited Empire to collaborate on the development of their new line of cast iron cookware. Empire guided Princess House through the entire process of initial branding, conceptual development, and final engineered products ready for manufacturing. As an already strong partnership, we were able to transform the client's vision and needs into a beautiful product line of both style and substance.


As designers bring conceptualized ideas to 3-Dimensional form, they ensure that every detail is translated and design intent is maintained. At each stage of the development process, it is critical to keep the end user in mind. Designers immerse themselves into the process of home cooking and the features needed for a better consumer experience. 



The Empire Group's design team looked to the iconic Majolica Talavera tiles of Puebla Mexico for inspiration in crafting the Mi Cocina logo. Ultimately, we arrived at a stylized version of the floral design element often featured on the tiles that adorn so many beautiful Puebla kitchens. Incorporating an equally elegant and feminine font design, we sought to cater to the Princess House clientele. The floral design element was then carried throughout the line, etched onto the glass lids, and embossed onto the bottom of the pans as a method for efficiently dispersing heat. 



Prototype Development:

A wide range of in house services made the transition from one phase to the next seamless. Our in-house prototyping and model making studio allowed designers to communicate to the client in physical form. Multiple iterations of handle styles were 3D printed and tested for comfort. Large single part vessels were also prototyped and used for proportion and volumetric studies. 



The Mi Cocina colors are inspired by Majolica (or tin glazed earthenware). This is a pottery process characterized by white-glazed red earthen-ware clay decorated with over-glaze floral and other brush work designs. We kept this in mind as our designs unfolded and as the final prototypes were being finished with our precision color matching custom painting.


Final Product

Finished Prototype



The Prices House Mi Cocina line was the recipient of the Ethos Award for product innovation. The Ethos Award recognizes innovations across the direct selling channel that help companies do business better.