Empire Group Welcomes Heather Erler to the Rapid Prototyping Department!

Please join us in welcoming Heather Erler to Empire Group’s Rapid Prototyping Department!

Heather Erler, Senior Rapid Prototyping Technician

Heather Erler, Senior Rapid Prototyping Technician

Heather has recently joined Empire Group as a Senior Rapid Prototyping Technician, where she will be assisting our clients in creating a smooth transition from order request to part delivery, including customer service, fluidity, and organization in the Rapid Prototyping/3D Printing Lab. Heather is charged with bringing a deeper level of organization and communication to our rapidly expanding additive manufacturing department and will act as a customer liaison ensuring quality and customer satisfaction.

Heather possesses the rare ability to provide a broader vision of projects and a deeper understanding of project adjustments to technical and non-technical professionals alike. In the past, she has worked with Hasbro Toys, and spent 11 years in their Rapid Prototyping Department. She earned her Associate’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from New England Institute of Technology and her skills include a vast background in rapid prototyping technologies, materials, post-processing, troubleshooting, strong leadership, and flexibility.

With her can-do attitude, strong work ethic and imaginative sense of humor, you can always expect Heather to be a joy to work with and to always deliver a straight answer. Her goal is to continually put our customer’s needs first in order to create a cohesive workflow within our team as well as within our customer’s team.

On a personal level, Heather is an avid animal lover, enjoys figuring out how things work, and being outside with her dogs. When asked why she chose to come work for Empire Group Heather responded:

Heather Erler - 3D Printing.jpg

“I chose to work for Empire Group because I knew it was a solid company with good people making a competitive difference in the Design, Engineering, and Rapid Prototyping fields and I am very excited to be here!”

Heather is passionate about creating team and customer relationships and will gladly assist you with all your Rapid Prototyping/ Additive Manufacturing requests. Please feel free to email Heather at herler@empirepd.com about any projects you may need assistance with or to simply help us welcome her to our team!