Empire Group Celebrates World Industrial Design Day

World Industrial Design Day (WIDD) is an international day of observance celebrated throughout the world to highlight the impacts of industrial design on the betterment of life, in relation to a specific United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal (SDG).

In alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #3: Good Health and Well-being, World Industrial Day (WIDD) 2018 explored ways design can help improve our physical, social, mental and emotional development. The team explored many subcategories of this goal but ultimately settled on the theme of mental and physical health in the workplace.

The initial brainstorm session covered everything from plants, natural light, and modular desks to healthy eating, hydration, and physical activity.  All of which are sensible elements that could improve health in the workplace.

The design team decided on a direction and presented it during the company barbecue, hosted on June 29th, World Industrial Design Day (WIDD). A barbecue is of course a great way to kick off the start of Summer but it also served as an opportunity for Empire Group to celebrate World Industrial Design Day (WIDD). 

The team showcased their sketches and ideas that they had been brainstorming for the past few weeks and received company-wide feedback on what a physically and mentally healthy workplace looked like to each of their coworkers.

Good food and great ideas were shared all around.  Two interactive stations were setup and everyone had some healthy fun making stress balls and decorating their own succulent planter.

Stress Ball Health Benefits: In addition to the mental benefits, stress balls boost blood circulation and help with the treatment of carpal-tunnel syndrome and arthritis, and can be used as a tool for meditation.

Succulent Health Benefits: While not directly related to this type of plant, studies have found that indoor plants can improve your concentration and boost your mood.

Stay tuned to see what innovative solution Empire Group has uncovered! You will be able to view this project from ideation to inception; seeing how Empire’s multi-disciplinary approach is able to bring ideas to life!

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