My Special Aflac Duck - Developed for Children with Cancer

My Special Aflac Duck
by Hello Tomorrow Inc. in partnership with Sproutel Inc.

The My Special Alflac Duck has received quite the recognition in the past few months, receiving the 2018 CES Best of Innovation in the Tech for a Better World category, the 2018 The ShowStoppers Best of Robotics and the 2018 Engadget’s Most Unexpected Product.

Hello Tomorrow Inc. reached out to Empire Groups Rapid Prototype Department for the printing of 3D parts. Over 50 parts in total were printed on our iPro™ 8000 using Somos EvolVe UV cured SLA resin.  This printing process was chosen for its durable, functionally strong and aesthetically pleasing results.

Our ability to provide a quick turnaround time for printed parts allowed Hello Tomorrow to complete their functional prototype in a timely manner.

We are honored to have been asked by Hello Tomorrow to help with this project and to have played a small role in the development of a great product that supports kids with cancer on their road to recovery.

 “Thanks again to everyone involved for your excellent support and prompt turnaround making it possible for us to develop the prototypes on time.”- R. Maddox

At Empire Group we can create 3D printed parts for projects and budgets of all sizes.  Our team of professionals will evaluate your files and help you through the entire process being sure to select the proper printing system for your specific needs.

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