Successful Brainstorm Session with The Fulham Group

brainstorm 2.jpg

Creative brainstorm sessions are a powerfully effective way to generate new ideas. Based on the old adage, “two heads are better than one” the brainstorm method can produce a multitude of ideas.  When staged and executed properly these sessions deliver more beneficial results than any other process. Here at Empire Group, we believe the brainstorm can be a critical part of the design and product development process. We offer these sessions at no cost. We love gathering our design team and partnering with you to come up with as many great ideas as possible for your next venture.

Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting The Fulham Group for a special brainstorming session. Once again we were reminded of the efficiency and value of these sessions – and just how fun they can be! It was an immersive full day experience that everyone thoroughly enjoyed!


We broke out into 3 teams comprised of marketing, sales, and project management personnel and each team had at least 1 industrial designer or engineer. The time allotted for each breakout was 1-hour total; ½ brainstorm and ½ team concept presentations.  Each segment was kicked off with an inspiration/mood board presented by The Fulham Group. After each team presentation all concepts were ranked and prioritized per segment so we could ultimately choose the top-ranking concepts to move forward. Our goal was to identify 10 new concepts to take to the next level of design and it was easily met with our group of creative individuals.

“If you are looking for a productive way to jump start your company’s new concept development I highly recommend partnering with the Empire Group. We had a collaborative, interactive and fun filled day brainstorming new concepts for Cuisinart’s Outdoor Grilling line. Combining the industry knowledge from the Fulham Group with the creative design expertise from the Empire team allowed the group to identify new outdoor grilling solutions across a variety of categories. The team based brainstorming session is well managed to deliver a high number of creative concepts within a short window of time.  We are now working with Empire to take our top-ranking concepts to the next level in time for key retailer line reviews. A must-have for any consumer products company that thrives on new product innovation!” Lois Glasgow - VP of Marketing