Getting Schooled on Product Development

It’s that time of year again. Waiting to start the last summer hoorah, our anticipated Labor Day Weekend plans are nearly in sight. With the season wrapping up, it can only mean one thing; it’s back to school (B2S) time. For students, teachers, parents, and professionals alike, shopping carts are being filled with products that foster learning, doing, and making life a little easier while switching gears from summer mode. The B2S retail season is in full swing.

These products come in many shapes and sizes, much like their development processes. Backpacks, notebooks, office supplies, schedule planners, lunch bags and containers – they all start somewhere as an idea. This is where our cross functional teams work with both entrepreneurs and globally recognized companies to create captivating illustrations, concept designs, and prototypes for their end users. 

Empire Group plays a major role in B2S product development, providing services that create quality results. Let's explore behind the scenes of Engineering, Industrial Design, and Graphic Design when it comes to B2S items:


Popular school and office supplies are created by engineers with strong knowledge and experience designing products for optimal functionality.

The smallest of details are scrutinized by rigorous tests and engineering physics to develop long lasting solutions. This dynamic three-hole punch exemplifies unparalleled mechanisms with an easy-access chip tray and locking handle that allow for extreme strength and durability, and the ability to punch 30 sheets of paper. Such elements set it aside from many other models.

Empire Group Engineering

Industrial Design

Year after year, industrial designers strive to develop new ideas that are just as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. Their understanding of the physical world and consumer needs make this a reality.

As with all product development, empathy for the end user is essential for great design. The removeable-ring binder showcases this consideration as it makes it easier to transfer documents and provides versatility of storage options.

Empire Group Industrial Design

Graphic Design

When it comes to B2S supply textiles, our graphic designers stay on their A-game to bring them to life. Unique designs bring joy and excitement to consumers by allowing them to express their individuality.

Such work can be seen over the multiple years worth of various whimsical, sophisticated geometric, and floral patterns created to fit all demographics.

Empire Group Graphic Design

Every aspect that goes into the development process of B2S products has value. From unique and improved functionality, to eye-catching designs - they all work together to allow new and exciting products to hit the shelves just in time for the academic year.