Designing the Lavario Washing Machine

High-level view of bringing the Lavario hand-powered clothes washing machine to life.

Empire Group combined forces with Howard Silagy, ‎Founder & President of Lavario Washer Corporation, on his hand-powered clothes washing machine. Our designers, engineers, rapid prototype department, and skilled model makers worked on this inspired design project.

The team of industrial designers developed concepts that influenced them with inspired design aimed at making the Lavario washer convenient, useable, and aesthetically pleasing. Some key features are:

  • Power flow: Combined technology and industrial design for powerful and effective washing ability

  • Top handle: Manipulation of design with ribs and curves to be more comfortable and functional

  • Drain valve: Perfectly sourced valve for the product through market research

  • Ring clothes: Integration of ribs at bottom of basket paired with comfort handle for easy process

Our video explains the impressive process:

Silagy shared his experience working with the Empire Group:

"I was referred to Empire Group by a friend in the injection molding industry. At the time, I had only a crude prototype and a basic CAD design done by a mechanical engineer. I was impressed by Empire Group from the very beginning.

At our introductory meeting I met the entire development team: designers, engineers, and manufacturing experts.  We agreed that Empire Group would review every aspect of design. The goals were to improve the user experience, add utility & function, and enhance visual appeal with streamlined aesthetics. At the same time, I asked the Empire Group team to design for efficiencies and economies in eventual mass production.

During the project, I met with the team at a few critical junctures in the process. I was very impressed with their creativity and responsiveness. They listened carefully to my opinions & concerns and made steady progress toward the goals. I was particularly impressed by their ability to design, specifically for the injection molding process.

What is truly unique about Empire Group is that they combine under one roof both superb design, with amazing prototype capabilities. Their 3D printing skills are off the chartThe prototype they built for me is jewel-like and looks like it came off an established production line.  I will certainly bring my next project to Empire Group."

Check out our more detailed development process of the Lavario hand-washing machine.