Making a Splash: Jaws Themed Pinball Machine

The wait is over. One of the most intriguing weeks of summer has arrived to the Discovery Channel. A special time of year we know as Shark Week is in full swing, anticipated to draw in millions of viewers for its 29th annual event. While many fear these mysterious creatures, they are also extraordinarily fascinated.

What is it that draws us in? Perhaps it’s the fact that there are over 450 species that we still know little about. Maybe it’s because of their vital role in our ecosystems for millions of years. Another major influencer may be Hollywood’s iconic tale of a 25-foot killer Great White Shark. Whatever the case may be, we’re hooked.

Baby There’s a Shark In The Arcade

In the spirit of this highly anticipated week, we’d like to highlight a unique project. The Empire Group had the chance to bring a classic Spielberg thriller to life in the form of a custom-made Jaws Pinball Machine. Our client came to us with a vision of transforming a 1978 Gottlieb Sinbad into a lean, mean, vintage-inspired shark machine.

Providing restoration support with custom painting, graphic application* and a high quality clear finish – we blended two of America’s favorite pastimes of film and games to breathe life into this jawesome creation.


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Video provided by Gameroom Pinball

* = Graphics and vision provided by the client. Initial design intent maintained throughout the process.