Client: Princess House

Project Scope:

Princess House, a housewares company known for its feminine and ornate styling, uncovered an opportunity for a renewed set of cooking tools. Consulting Empire for their extensive knowledge in utensil development, the project hinged on finding the right mix of signature elements and updated features to help set this line apart from its competitors. Empire analyzed competition, mapped the opportunities, and evaluated unique features before picking final concept direction. A cohesive aesthetic was emerging as Empire’s graphics team began development on the Culinario Series branding elements that would be carried across the entire product line. Industrial designers worked closely with Princess House to develop nonstick silicone heads and uniquely designed stainless handles aimed at providing comfort no matter what cooking task was performed. The harmonious blend of materials and functionality has been enormously appealing to consumers, making the Culinario series one of the top selling brands for Princess House. 

Culinario all case.jpg


Each design is a result of multiple prototype testing between Empire and the client. Designers validate concept sketches by producing rough prototype handles and tool heads for evaluation of comfort and aesthetics. Clay is also used to mock up handle shapes even before the pencil hits the paper. In these tests, we have ensured that each handle is comfortable in all its usage patterns, and the business end of the tool is proportionally right and functional.

Prototype Development:


Logo Development: