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Empire Group Was Founded In 1999 By CEO, Jason Enos….

Growing up in a family of craftsman, Enos found his calling as a ‘maker’ in the paint booth of his uncle’s auto body shop. Jason’s passion for making things and taking them apart led him to a successful career in product development and prototyping – and even a brief stint as a world-wide drag race champion.

Jason’s skills in automotive restoration, picked up from his formative years, led him to meet his mentor who would introduce him to an amazing opportunity in Hasbro’s model shop. With humble beginnings, working as a ‘toy doctor’ fixing models on the set of commercials, he mastered the skills of model making and finish work. Here he began carving out his own path that would lead to the establishment of Empire Group, purely through word of mouth recognition of his passion, hard work, craftsmanship and quick turnarounds.

Jason Enos,    CEO

Jason Enos, CEO

Jason discovered the need early on for what is known today as Rapid Prototyping, and in 1999 he launched Empire Group with the vision of creating an environment where technology, craftsmanship and good old fashioned hard work would pave the way for companies to create high quality models and prototypes in shorter time-frames.

Empire Group’s name originated from Jason’s expertise at building Star Wars products for Hasbro. Initially dubbed Empire Prototype, the company was a strong and unstoppable force ─ much like its Galactic influence. The business catapulted with an average annual growth over fifty percent for the next few years, being the first local company to embrace new technologies and 3D printers.

Empire Group’s Attleboro, MA Facility Entrance

Empire Group’s Attleboro, MA Facility Entrance

Since moving to its current home in Attleboro in 2005, the Empire Group has exponentially expanded its offerings to include industrial design and engineering, rapid prototyping, rapid manufacturing, graphic design and more. Although Empire Group has outgrown our humble beginnings, at our core remains the artistry and hand-craftsmanship that fueled our success.