Our team-based approach includes you - and results in big ideas and practical solutions to keep your project moving forward.



Industrial Design is the point where physical form meets human interaction.  We work to create product solutions that optimize function, appearance, usability, and physical ergonomics. Our industrial designers work to improve as well as create. They develop products and systems through a combination of research and data guided by the specific requirements of the client. They prepare clear and concise recommendations through concept drawings, sketches, and models.



Engineering is integral to all product design, turning form into function.  Empire does more than simply execute your projects; we add value through pertinent recommendations throughout the entire development process while maintaining the initial design intent. We offer both prototype and production CAD data while considering manufacturing requirements.


Graphic Design

Professional graphic design can make a product be the next “can’t do without” product. Our goal is effective design communication; informing the customer of your products’ benefit over the competitors. Whether its branding, package development, surface patterns, or instruction booklets, Empire's graphics team is ready for the task.